Wikipedia is being ruined by detail-obsessed nerds

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Wikipedia is being ruined by detail-obsessed nerds

Post by Tim » June 15th, 2008, 4:01 pm

Wifey tries to look up some Herbie info and is greeted with this:
In the original 1968 film, The Love Bug, the original stripes differ from those in later movies; the stripes do not cover the valances or louvers of the car and the blue is a lighter shade. Also, Herbie features color-keyed running boards, while in later films the running boards are standard black. During the film, depending on the scene, the wheels change from standard VW wheels (although fitted with plain hubcaps with no VW logo) to specially widened wheels on the racing Herbies. During one scene (when Tennessee is hanging out of the window), the "53" logo on the door he's sitting on is missing. One of the modified racing Herbies featured a Porsche 356 engine, brakes and Koni shocks. All Herbies in The Love Bug had the VW badges removed from the hood and featured plain non-VW hub caps. If you examine these cars closely you will see that the hood-mounted VW logo was replaced with a plain body colored disc of the same diameter.
Seriously. This reads like parody.

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Post by Gamma » June 18th, 2008, 8:48 pm

Hahaha. Isn't that what Wikipedia's always been like though? Personally I find it to be part of the appeal. The resultant writing style lends a sense of real importance to the most useless shit imaginable.

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