A new Duke Nukem Forever trailer is out

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A new Duke Nukem Forever trailer is out

Post by Michael » December 21st, 2007, 2:59 pm

The video is here... and there's a 720p version up on most of the big gaming sites.


So... 10 years, and this is what we get. 1:10 minutes of footage. I mean, I wasn't expecting much. Really, I wasn't. And I know it's a teaser. But really, come on Georgey, pull your finger out.

I definitely feel underwhelmed by it. I don't mean to sound harsh. I make video games for a living, so I know what it's like to see criticisms of your game online from some complete stranger. So I don't mean to "hate". But it's just been so long. 10 years... you expect a lot from 10 years. Maybe you'll be living in a different country. Maybe you'll start a family. Maybe you'll SHIP A FUCKING VIDEO GAME.

I mean in 10 years, the entire Grand Theft Auto series was shipped in that time. In 10 years, the Beatles had formed, released all their albums, completed several world tours, and broken up. In 10 years, JFK had decided the yanks were going to the moon, the technology was developed, and they fucking well made it back too.

So I expect a little more than what we saw. There's barely any flashes of real gameplay in there... sure, it's probably all footage using the game engine, but what's there really isn't impressive given the current generation of consoles. But I'll forgive them for not showing any real slices of what it's like to PLAY the game, since it's just a teaser.

The graphics really didn't do much for me compared to some of the polished stuff that's been coming out lately. Duke in particular just looks a bit last generation. And on top of that, the brief flashes of characters and enviornments looked very uninteresting... like someone took the original Half Life and made it run with a slightly nicer engine.

Oh, and the voice acting for Duke just doesn't sound right compared to the original in my opinion. Perhaps I'm just wearing rose tinted glasses, but it really felt like watching some guy on YouTube doing an impersonation, rather than being "the real thing".

The real question is, where the FUCK are 3D Realms getting their funding from to faff around for 10 years? I don't know how many people are there, but would you be happy as an investor if they kept giving you the same bullshit excuses for no real progress year after year? Sure, creating video games is an artform, and it takes as long as it takes...

But seriously, no game takes that long. I think the whole thing must be a tax writeoff.

I give DNF 5 out of 5 Indifferent Shrugs.

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Post by unfnknblvbl » December 21st, 2007, 3:22 pm

sounded right to me...

from Wired's Vaporware Awards:
A commenter on our 2000 Vaporware awards joked that Van Halen would reunite with David Lee Roth and release a new album before Duke Nukem Forever hits the shelves. Ironically, the re-formed band plans to head into the studio in just a few months.
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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