Crappy websites who spam the crap out of people: Volume 1

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Crappy websites who spam the crap out of people: Volume 1

Post by Tim » July 1st, 2007, 6:06 am

What is it with companies who sign you up to mailing lists without asking you?

I was pretty sure it was illegal in Australia now (hooray anti-spam act!), and yet I still get the odd Australian company that signs me up unannounced.

These are the same companies that then ignore your unsubscribe requests. Honestly, anyone who's trying to unsubscribe doesn't want your product, and spamming them will just infuriate them.

Perhaps to the point of posting about it on a website?

It's far worse in the US. No wonderful anti-spam law here... once someone gets your address, prepare to receive all sorts of junk. However most companies do respect unsubscribe requests as there is some law (I haven't investigated at all, yes I'm lazy) with regards to that at least. It also makes sense, if you're a legitimate business, not to piss off your customers. The lazy people who can't be bothered unsubscribing from a mailing list are the same people who could be swayed by advertising for an impulsive purchase, so it makes sense to sign people up initially.

However the people who go to the trouble of jumping through hoops (and a lot of sites have some amazing hoops - Wired made me manually unsubscribe to, I shit you not, 40 different mailing lists they'd signed me up to. Even after going through that I still got crap from them! An email to customer service at least sorted that out) to unsubscribe are the same people who won't buy your crap willy-nilly, particularly if you're pissing them off.

So it's with great fanfare I put JobFox out there.

I had a look at JobFox to see what the fuss was about. I got about 2 pages into their ridiculous questionnaire, realised it was too personal and not what I was interested in, and closed the site.

You can imagine my surprise when I started getting unsolicited emails from them. No worries - I'll just unsubscribe. Four unsubscribe attempts later, I'm still getting crap from them. Three emails to customer service, who claim I'm not on record, also haven't worked.

So here's what you get JobFox - a fucking black mark against you in the Blogosphere. Enjoy finding this post about yourselves when you're checking to see what the blog hype is about your shitty company. When people ask to unsubscribe they fucking mean it.

In particular, Richard Flynn, stop asking me to complete my profile. I have said no both personally and by unsubscribing (and of course by closing your site when it got too invasive initially).

Maybe this post should've been titled "How not to run a startup - lesson 1".

(Actually as a word of advice, with the amount of money JobFox has raised, I don't think the 101 billboard or the TV commercials are a good way to spend it - how about customer service and a decent product instead. Is this 1999 all over again?)

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Post by Kofish » July 7th, 2007, 8:05 pm

On the other side of the fence, it sucks when users double-opt-in to a mailing list and then mark your email as spam in Gmail, Hotmail etc instead of just hitting the unsubscribe link!

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