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Purple monkey dishwasher.

Post by Miles » July 31st, 2006, 1:17 pm

Ahhhhh blogs. How many times have I seen a blog report on something as fact, only to follow the news down the blog chain and see that along the line rumour has become an "official statement"? It happens far too often, and is just extremely lazy blogging - after all, how hard is it to just click a few times and get the whole story?

The latest I've seen is the news of Sony's "entitlement" system for the PS3. I read a report today that a guy on a videogame magazine website had heard that Sony was going to call gaming achievements "entitlements" (avoiding Microsoft's wording of the feature that they pioneered). No official word from Sony.

Yet an hour later I see suddenly that "Sony announces PS3 entitlements." "Oh" I think, "that didn't take long for them to actually announce it properly." Then I actually check the source - turns out it all comes back to the same thing as before; no official announcements, just plenty of hearsay.

Observe: http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs. ... /7/30/4812
Sony announces PS3 entitlements. They're like achievements on the 360, but with a worse name.
Despite the complete grammatical nightmare of being “awarded an entitlement”, Sony is mimicking a popular move of the Xbox 360 with unlockable points and awards for passing goals in PS3 games, called Entitlements.
http://videogamejocks.blogspot.com/2006 ... ments.html
According to EGM's Dan Hsu the Sony Playstation 3 will be awarding their own version of Xbox 360 Achievements but will be calling them "entitlements."

During this week's EGM Live podcast, Hsu, the editor of EGM, said he had heard that Sony was going to call their achievements by this horrible name that could only come from the brilliant minds at Sony.
Fools. FOOLS!!!

I heard that Ars Technica is run by purple monkey dishwashers. Now if only I can get a few bloggers to link to me that will soon be FACT!!!


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